Why Freelancing Is Better Than Full Time Job

Well, let me put to you one of the most crucial question that affects your whole life.

What is the factor which determines the success of your life?

In fact, the above question is the most crucial one in my opinion and needs to be correctly addressed. As a matter of fact, you too would agree with me on this as for you and everyone; life is all about being successful, happy and fulfilled.

Well, the answer comes straight to you and it is none other than your Career and Employment.

Yes, it is the career you pursue and the employment you take which determines the level of success you achieve in your life. So the underlying factor for your success in life is a career which you choose for yourself or the type of employment you take for yourself.

However, there is still an interesting twist in the matter concerning your employment.

It is how you would like to pursue your job.

Well, at the first instance you may feel that is it really so important. However, the fact is that it is really important as far as your career and success is concerned.

Here, you can question that is there any option for you?

The good news for you is that there is an option available for you.

The option comes to you in the form of “Freelancing”.

So, if you had not thought it before, let me tell you frankly that Freelancing is the viable option for you for a sustainable, happy and rewarding career that can blossom up your life.

If you were betting your hopes on a standard full-time job, the truth is going to be rather astonishing for you.

Well, Freelancing is better than Full Time Job.

So, if you had your eyes closed on Freelancing then it’s probably time you gave it a serious thought simply because Freelancing is truly an attractive alternative to traditional full time job.

Freelancing has every element to make your life happy, and successful.

Well, if you go on ask the real Freelancers they would tell you that (full time) freelancing has been a dream come true for them in terms of financial freedom, career stability, and most importantly job satisfaction. If you crave for working on your terms and conditions like to be your own boss, and most importantly like to take responsibility then freelancing is surely the way out for you.

However, at this point, I would like to reiterate and emphasize that freelancing is not the only way out, the other one is obviously the traditional 9 to 5 office job. One may find working in a traditional office job attractive just because of team spirit, growth opportunities, pay rise or for some other reason. To help you in your decision whether freelancing is your cup of tea or not, I have shared a number of benefits which go onto show why freelancing is better than full time job. So if the benefits sound attractive to you and reasonable too then the decision will be simple to make. You can then decide that freelancing is suitable for you that will lead you to heights of success together with financial freedom and stability, happiness and glory.

Why Freelancing Is Better Than Full Time Job

Below I have listed some very obvious benefits and advantages of working as a freelancer over full time job.

Flexibility of Working Hours: Working as a freelancer from home or some remote workplace gives you the much needed flexibility in setting up your work timing. As against, traditional office job where you are bound by official working hours and schedule, in freelancing you can choose the working hours which are most convenient to you. You get the freedom to set your working hours when you are most productive or when your creative juices are at full flow. So you can dictate terms as far as work timings are concerned.

For example, if you are working from home and find it difficult to work when you’re young children are awake; you can schedule your work timings when your children go to sleep. Otherwise, if you are working in a part-time job, you can do your freelancing work late at nights or early in the mornings.

No Boss: Obviously working as a Freelancer there is no boss to rule you or dictate terms to you. In fact, you are your own boss. You lay down the rules and adhere to them so that you end up giving quality work to your clients. You make sure that you create such a work schedule which can help you in delivering the work to your clients within the committed time. Whereas in a traditional job there is always a boss around to rule you. You have to stick to the guidelines set by your boss and work accordingly. There are no excuses entertained. If you like it or not, in a traditional job you always have to live with your boss. So, if you want to cut the “boss” factor then freelancing is the obvious choice for you.

Job security: In Freelancing, the working rule is pretty simple. You work hard, deliver quality work to your clients, build your reputation, and secure your place as a freelancer. In freelancing, it is solely up to you to decide the amount of work you want to take from your clients. Initially, there may be some hiccups, but as soon as you go on delivering what you commit to your clients, you win the confidence of your clients, and they always turn to you whenever they have some assignments. So, in Freelancing you win job security for yourself rather than just crave for it in the case with standard 9 to 5 job. Moreover, in traditional jobs it has been seen that your job security is always at stake. You may some silly mistake, and you find yourself out of the job. However, in freelancing job there is no one to throw you out of the job. You just need to be disciplined and go on doing your best; the rest is automatically taken care of.

Follow your Passion: With full-time freelancing career, you get the freedom to follow your passion. So, for example, if you love graphic designing and are stuck up in full time accounting job, with freelancing you can have the liberty to pursue your passion of graphic designing and can then leave the accounting job. Moreover, in freelancing job you can choose the clients with whom you want to work with and can go onto choose the projects you like. So, in freelancing you can turn down undesirable projects or can drop the slow paying clients if you like. Thus, in freelancing you get the absolute freedom to follow your passion.

Opportunities to learn New Skills: Working as a freelancer, you get numerous opportunities for developing and enhancing your skill-set. Although you develop new skills out of necessity, but you certainly acquire them when working as a freelancer. While in a traditional job, skill development is hardly on focus. You are required to do a specific set of tasks, and that’s it. Again, the growth opportunities are dependent on appraisals and are not frequent enough so as to help your creativity or do good to your skill-set. Your skill development may range from acquiring totally new set of skills to strengthening your skills in your present practice areas. For example, you may develop new skills in client development, marketing, office management, and the host of other skills, as well.

Opportunity for building an Asset: With freelance business you get a wonderful opportunity to build your asset that you can even sell in the future if you so propose. So in freelancing, you not only create an income flow for yourself but you also go onto build your reputation, client list and other business assets which help you with additional income stream if you want to profit by selling your successful business to another. The Asset building opportunity is totally absent in the case of full time traditional job. Whatever good work you do will ultimately build the value and reputation of the organization for which you are working. Moreover, the Asset you create for the organization can only be utilized by the organization itself and not by you.

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