Best Insurance Company in 2014 – Santam for South Africa

At times, we feel that time flies! 2013 has been a good year with much to learn and move forward achieving greater heights in all that we do. As the 365 days, end and we have another brand new year in front of us, to enjoy, accomplish and do much to fulfill the goals that we have in our lives. It could be personal goals; an aim to take the career to the next level or to move ten steps ahead of the competitor in business. A clear cut plan is what we need to do first when we are sure of the goal. Of course, there would be modifications as and when we follow the plan, but that should not discourage us from pursuing our goal. Uncertainty is common for all things; hence we need to be sure that it does not disrupt our way to success.

Question that we would have in mind now is, how do we make sure that disruptions don’t create a barrier for our plan? Answer is – by insuring for the risks. Though some of us might know the answer to this question (for it may sound simple to some of us), it is true that everything in this world is easy and simple. It is just that, at times while we get to know how to make things simple we face certain complications. Learning the simple solution, we need to identify our risks and get them insured.

If the insurance is not something that you have opted for previously, or have heard a lot about insurance claims (which is not very positive), hence you don’t feel that it may do much good to cover your risks; there is an insurance company that proves all the stories wrong! The one company in South Africa that has been offering its services to various sectors and been good time and again is Santam.

Santam has been providing insurance cover for almost every risk that any of us are likely to face in any sector. It could be personal, commercial, special or agriculture. Various insurance policies are offered in each, and there are options to modify the policy that we take. If there are any additional risks that we want to be covered, we can get them in the same policy as an add-on cover. It would cost a little more than the stated policy amount, as it covers additional risk. But at the end of the day it is worth it as we do not have to take a bigger policy to get one or two additional risks covered.

Insurance company – Santam is open with its customers and the world. All that is related to the company – the profits and changes are made public. Since they feel that there is nothing to hide about the management and finances of the company, they are transparent. This transparency helps us to know things that are going on in the company, and we can be sure that our money that is with them in the form of insurance premium is safe, and we would be compensated in trouble times for the risk insured.

If you would like to know how much it would cost for you to insure a specific risk, you could use ‘request a quote’ option to get the approximate cost. You could also use Santam’s calculator online to get the insurance policy cost online.

If you aren’t sure of which policy to go for and how to save hard earned Rands, then you could get expert advice of a Santam broker. In case you are already insured with Santam, and have to make a claim, you could call up to 0860 505 911.

In case there is anything else that you would like to know, you could contact them and speak to them. Best service is what I would say for them, and this is out of personal experience. Get your risks insured and go ahead to achieve your goal without any fear of loss.

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