How To Build A Successful Career in Freelancing

Freelancing can be a smart choice for your career. Today, millions of people around the world have taken upto freelancing and have made it as their preferred career. And with every new day more or more people are joining this rewarding career stream. Moreover freelancing has now been recognized as a professional designation throughout the globe.

But having said that freelancing is not made for everybody. It requires you to be disciplined along with many other traits as well. Taking up freelancing gives you freedom and requires you to be responsible. So if you appreciate freedom with responsibilities then freelancing is just made for you.

As you would be aware, freelancing is another name for self-employment. A freelancer is a self-employed person who works from his or her own work place. You can take up-to freelancing as a writer, designer, programmer, consultant and in many other fields as well. The web space is filled up with numerous and varied offers for freelancers. You have huge number of websites which serve as a gateway between freelancer employees and employers. So there are plenty of great opportunities for freelancers to fulfil their creative urge and simultaneously earn a good amount of money as well.


But the most important aspect about freelancing centers around the golden question, How To Build A Successful Career in Freelancing? And now you don’t need to panic as we bring to you different keys which would certainly help you to unlock the path of success and glory in freelancing. Having top class professional etiquette is a must for becoming a successful freelancer. All the important and required factors are very well amplified and explained underneath so that you can take the rewarding road of freelancing with utmost confidence.

Plan Your Workspace

Well a freelancer can work from anywhere and that’s one of the many advantages of being a freelancer, however planning your workspace can give you a much greater advantage. Creating a separate area for working encourages professional discipline  so an office or study space is what you need at the very beginning.

And by office-space we mean to say an area where you can sit down and work with full concentration without any interruption  Privacy is required so that you can deliver your best. Focus on your work will help you to enhance productivity. The work space you choose should also be comfortable with moderate temperature and with ample ventilation too. Together with this your work space should be equipped with proper and adequate facilities of computer system, Internet connection, phone lines, etc. All these should form your work space for a freelancing career.

Have Breaks During Your Working Hours

When you are working for long hours day after day, it becomes important for you to take breaks between the working hours. Being relaxed and refreshed is needed for your mind and body to deliver the best in you. Lunch break, tea breaks or refreshments can fulfil your relaxation needs. Eating healthy and nourishing food can keep you 100 percent fit and fine. If you are at ease with exercising then putting some sessions of exercising can also help you a lot in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Adopting such habits can lead to prolong and build a successful freelancing career.

Always Track Your Work Time

Tracking time is important for freelancing as you have increase your productivity and still do not fall short for family and social life. Tracking time helps streamline your daily work schedule and you would clearly know before hand as to how much time is needed for a particular task. It would help you to take on future commitments, assignments and projects as well as you would have already tracked how much time is needed to complete the job at hand.

You can use manual methods to track your work time such as paper, email, spreadsheets or you can use widgets for recording this data. There are number of popular sites as well which you can use to track your work time, one of the examples being

Manage Your Work Schedule
To succeed in freelancing it is invariably important to manage your work schedule. Choose such a work schedule that is comfortable for you. It might be in the mornings or it can be even in the nights. But always inform your employer about your working hours. This would help to create healthy relations with your employer as they would be informed when and how long you would be working. Make it a point to report about your projects to your employer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as the case may be. Managing your work schedule helps avoid confusion and in turn builds proper relations and enhances productivity as well.

In addition to the above factors, there are various other guidelines which would help to Build A Successful Career in Freelancing which have been enumerated below:

Honour your Commitments: You should learn to honor the commitments which you have promised to your clients. Always make a point to deliver your best to the project that you are working on and submit your work to the client before or at at-least on the deadline that you have promised.

Be Creative and Develop your Skills: To be a successful freelancer you need to be creative and need to stay updated on your skill-set. Look for ways and inspirations which help you to enhance your creativity. It can be music, seeing the birds flying in the sky, the morning sun, walking in your garden, eating ice-cream and so on and so forth. So retain and build your creativity. Also enhancing and practicing on the technical skill-set can lead you to stay at par or sometimes ahead of the competition.

Develop an effective Brand: Branding yourself is necessary if you want to stay ahead of the others and want to have a long and successful career in freelancing. Having a unique, different and eye-catching logo, well designed websites, business cards go a long way in showcasing your talent as a freelancer.

Be Professional: This is another important trait that can help you to build a successful freelancing career. There can be many points to professionalism be it regular in working, persistent  proper communication with the client, addressing way, being humble, following deadlines and other such stuffs.

So you see that building a successful career in freelancing would invariably require you to follow the above mentioned points. In addition, you can add and follow many other methods and techniques based on your own requirements and experience. All the above guidelines can be vitally valuable for your successful freelancing career. Freelancing is a great career choice and if you act intelligently enough, you can gain much out of it.

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