How to Negotiate Salary Offer

It’s a dream come true to get your preferred job.

After months of searching, preparations, and interviewing, you finally got the job that you were looking for.

It’s fine up to this point, but what about the salary offer?

Have you been offered the salary you were expecting?

Or is it the case that the salary offered is much below your expectations?

Well, it is certainly not heartening to find that your salary offer is much below your expectations. You have got your dream job, but the salary just doesn’t match your expectations.

Now the question arises what you should do next?

It has been seen that most job seekers give it up at this point. They either deny the job offer or accept the salary that is being offered to them without uttering a single word. They feel that raising the question of ‘more money’ wouldn’t be appropriate.

However, the point to consider here, is this the right approaches?

Well, if you ask my opinion, I am of the view that you should make the move and start negotiating for a higher salary. If you have the skill-set, the know-how, experience and the enthusiasm backing you there is no point in accepting a low salary.

In this context, you would be glad to know that most employers welcome candidates’ initiatives for asking a higher salary. They foresee a competent employee who values his position and is keen on delivering performance. They have selected you because they find you competent enough to handle the job responsibilities.

Know this for sure that they have no desire in prolonging the interview process. Moreover, they want you to start work. So you should make most of this opportunity and ask for more money.

How to Negotiate Salary Offer

However, you have to do this in the utmost right way. You have to ask rather than demand. You must not sound arrogant in asking for a higher salary.

You should be aware of the right way of negotiating a salary offer. In fact, you should know how to negotiate salary offer.

Here under we have illustrated the right way of negotiating salary offer. I have tried to detail the salary negotiation process so that it can serve as an example for you and you too can be in position for negotiating a higher salary.

So let us begin on How to Negotiate Salary Offer.

Well, you should initiate the salary negotiation process once the employer offers you the job informally. It is before they give you the formal offer letter or appointment letter or anything to sign. Having said that, you should not form any such notion that the employer has not given you a healthy and fair salary to begin with. Moreover, you should concentrate on figuring out what salary you would like to draw. Once you are clear on this account, ask for a salary that is a bit higher than the salary you expect so as to give you an opportunity for negotiation and compromise.

Now the big step comes in framing the conversion with the employer.

So if you are expecting a salary of $60,000 and the employer has offered you a salary of $55,000, you can initiate the conversion much in the manner that I have illustrated below.

“I really look forward to working in your esteemed company and I know that I will prove valuable for you. I appreciate your offer of $55000 but was expecting a little bit higher salary in the range of $65,000. I have the passion, experience, and performance to back my request. So can we have a salary of $65000 for this job profile?”

The employers will initially not approve your request, but this doesn’t mean that you stop here.

You should try something of this sort.

“I understand your position, but just want to emphasize that I genuinely value this job and is more than eager to work with you in your organization. I think I have the required skill-set suited for this job, and that are well worth for $65000 in my opinion.”
When you have finished uttering these words, chances are that the employer comes with a favorable reply like, “Let us see what we can do”. You should end up the conversion by saying, “Thank You, I appreciate that”.

Most likely, the employer will approach you and be willing to offer the salary that you had asked for or will offer salary somewhere in the middle. Finally, you are most likely to get a favorable response like, “We are happy to offer you a salary of $60,000.” If this is the salary you expected, you would be more than happy with the outcome.

So you see that it is worth negotiating a higher salary. Only thing you have to remember is that you have to ask for it in the right way.

As a matter of fact, most of the companies are willing for salary negotiation, but most of the employees are not willing to ask for a higher salary. So if you desire of a high salary, you should be willing to negotiate for it. Make your preparations, research for fair salary that you expect, and act professionally giving due respect to your prospective employer. In nine out of ten situations, the employer would grant your wish of a high salary. So you should go for negotiating a higher salary.

So now onwards, how to Negotiate Salary Offer should not be a problem for you and I hope that you would not hesitate in asking for more money.

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