Tips for Saving Money at Supermarket

I know you are looking out for money saving tips.

For this, you need to find the categories in which you are over-spending and then come out with solution(s) for saving money. This may sound a little bit difficult for you, but don’t worry as I will help you in your money saving efforts.

And believe me many of us spend big bucks shopping at a grocery store or Supermarket. So here I have come up with a collection of tips for saving money at a Supermarket.

You invariably over-spend buying food stuff and related items at a Supermarket. I know you can’t do without them, but shopping intelligently and smartly you end up saving a lot of money at a Supermarket.

Would you not like to see your monthly grocery bill getting down?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible. With a little bit of efforts on your part, you can reduce expenditure and save money on your Supermarket shopping.

The tips illustrated below can help you a great deal for saving money at a Supermarket.

You probably are thinking that it’s not possible.

On the contrary, Saving Money at a Supermarket is possible, and you can definitely make it a reality for yourself. Spending at Supermarket constitutes a big portion of your monthly budget. Reducing the amount of money spent at a Supermarket can result in big savings for you each month. When you are thinking and looking for ways to save money, just begin the journey by saving money at the supermarket.

Tips for Saving Money at Supermarket

So let’s see how you can save money at the Supermarket.

1. Always Have a Shopping List

Make this a fundamental rule for doing shopping at a Supermarket. Having a shopping list helps you to save money in more than one ways. First it prevents you from impulsive and unplanned buying. Studies have revealed that nearly 70 percent of all purchases made at a Supermarket are either unplanned or are purely impulsive in nature.

So you can cut down the unplanned or impulsive purchases by always carrying a list with you. Having a shopping list also enables you to buy all the items that you need at one go. Thus, you reduce your shopping trips and so save your money, time and effort. You know beforehand what you need to buy and hence do not shop for unnecessary items. So next time you go out for shopping remember to carry the shopping list with you and follow it religiously.

2. Go for Discount Offers

Supermarkets usually run discount offers on lots of products or items. So make a point to check out the discount offers. This can help you save money. Often you would come across items which give you discount offers such as ‘buy one and get one free’. If you shop smartly and use such discount offers, this can turn out to be a shopping delight for you. Such offers give you a wonderful chance to save money as you are getting two items for the price of one. So make the most of such discount offers.

3. Use Coupons

Coupons present you another great way for saving money at a Supermarket. The only thing you need to remember is to use them wisely so that you end up saving money rather than spending on unnecessary items. It can be a profitable scenario if you use coupons to shop for staple food items and ingredients which you use in your household on a regular basis. Also, Supermarkets and local stores come out with special coupons each month offering you great discounts. Make a point to use them and save money each time you shop at a Supermarket.

4. Compare Unit Pricing

It is not a thumb rule that bigger packages always going to be cheaper and cost-effective than their counter parts that are the smaller packages. As a matter of fact, sometimes you would find that bigger packages are cost-effective but at other times they might turn out to be expensive. Here, the best solution would be to get unit pricing of items.

So you should choose such a package of items whose unit pricing is the most cost-effective to you irrespective of whether it is available in big packaging or whether it comes in small packaging. You should make a point to compare unit pricing of items so that you get the best deal and thus are able to save money.

5. Limit Your Trips

One of the easiest methods of saving money at a Supermarket is to limit your trips to it. So reduce the number of trips to Supermarket and see your money saved. Bring down the number of trips to a supermarket to one or to have a maximum of two in a month. You not only cut down on the money you spend each time you go out for shopping at a Supermarket, you also save on to-and-fro cost, time and your efforts.

6. Shop when you’re not hungry

This may sound awkward and quite funny to you, but it is a well established fact that you tend to shop more when you are hungry. Studies and researches have revealed that people shop more when they are hungry. So the solution lies in shopping when you are not hungry.

7. Shop Generic Products

Generic Products are cost effective alternatives to branded products. Quality wise they are also not inferior to the branded products or items. Though the packaging of generic products may not be as attractive as the packaging of branded products, but they taste almost the same as the branded products and still are less expensive to your pocket. So shopping for generic products can result in lots of savings for you when you shop at a Supermarket.

8. Shopping at the best days

Supermarkets come up with best days for shopping when they offer products at cheapest pricing. Shopping on these days at Supermarkets can result in lots of savings for you. The prices of staples and products are specially kept at their lowest on these days. Hence you should know the best days that your Supermarkets are offering so that you can shop on these days.

These special super saving shopping days or best days differ from one supermarket to other. Hence you always have the option of buying products from such supermarket, which offer favorable best days so that you can find time to go out and shop. Thus make use of best days to shop and save money at a Supermarket.

9. Experiment buying small scale packages

This particularly holds good for food items that you are buying for the first time. You can always buy small scale packages of such food items so that if in case you or your family doesn’t like the food stuff, it does not get wasted. So always prefer buying small scale packages for (food) products you are buying for the first time and thus save your money while doing shopping at a Supermarket.

10. Be careful of the Middle Shelves

Well, Middle Shelves at the Supermarkets usually carry products or items that are more expensive than the products showcased in the upper and lower shelves. Grocery stores and Supermarkets utilize the fact that people purchase items placed at eye level more than the items placed above or below the eye level. Actually you end up purchasing what you ultimately get to see. So they place costly items at Middle Shelves, which is seen most often by people. Thus be careful of the Middle Shelves if you want to save money shopping at a Supermarket and look for cost effective items placed at upper or lower shelves.

11. Some more useful tips for Saving Money at Supermarket

Avoid buying prepared food (such as salad) when you can prepare much better food at home and that too at a much lower price.
Rather than buying Toiletries at Supermarket, buy them at a Pharmacy where they are available at a much cheaper price.
Avoid buying pre-cut fruit. You are unnecessary paying for a job that you can do easily at home.

Out-of-season produce is usually much costlier than in-season produce. So it is sensible not to buy out-of-season produce frequently.
Avoid purchasing bottled water. It comes at a cost which you can easily save.


So you see that you have quite a many tips at your disposal using which you can easily save money while shopping at a Supermarket. The Tips for Saving Money at a Supermarket, as illustrated above are simple and can be easily followed. You can use them in your life and see your savings growing month on month. Although expense on grocery items is a must, but you should not overspend on such items. The Tips for Saving Money at a Supermarket can help you to control your expense on groceries.

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