Tips to Save Money by Going Green

You must surely have heard the famous proverb, “hitting two birds with a single stone”. And now is the time you apply this proverb to your life. Well, you can address two of the most vital concerns of modern life and that too at the same time.

Environmental problems are plaguing the world in a big way. The environment is suffering from pollution, energy wastage and other dreadful things. On the other hand, our economic health has been hit by the slow growth in economy, falling incomes, rising debt and increasing household expenditures. Both of these issues have contributed in compounding our problems.

So, is there any way out to handle these two prime concerns surrounding our lives?

To your delight the answer is an emphatic “yes”.

You can certainly hit two birds with one stone.

By being environmental friendly, you can save money as well as contribute in protecting the environment. Going Green is the key for you.

In the ongoing post, we have come up with numerous tips to save money by going green.

Save Money by Going Green

These tips are easy to use and can help you to save not few but thousands of dollars each year. You end up saving money and also protect the environment too by going green. The concept centring the tips to save money by going green brings out the importance of “reuse, reduce and recycle”. You can enrich and improve the quality of your lives by following the tips on saving money by going green.

Avoid Water Wastage

Water is a precious energy resource and costly too when it comes to paying off your water bill. But you can certainly cut down your water bills by avoiding the wastage of water. Always fix your leaking water pipe or tap and never leave taps on after bathing or washing clothes and dishes. So conserve water to save money.

Conserve Electricity

Paying Electricity bills is another costly affair. An expense that you cannot avoid, but can certainly make efforts to reduce your monthly electricity bills. You can always prefer using energy efficient lighting and appliances. Use of CFL is an excellent example which can cut on electricity consumption and help reduce your electricity bills. Then always make a point to switch off the lights, fans and other electric and electronic appliances when you leave your room or go out. These are little things that let you easily conserve electricity and save money too.

Save Fuel

Fuel is another energy resource which you need to work on so that you can go green and save money. Be it gas or petrol you can make efforts to avoid their excessive or over usage. The simplest thing you can do is to switch off your car engine at traffic signals. Then driving at optimum speed and regular servicing of your vehicles can help you to conserve energy and save money in the process. Even using energy-efficient and affordable car can lower your fuel costs. Then you can always prefer walking or biking for covering small distances and can even use public transport to travel to your work place. Then keeping your gas stove at perfect working conditions also helps to save fuel and money too.

Eat at home

According to a study, the average U.S. family expenditure on eating out costs around $4000 on breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But you can curtail this expenditure by more than 50% by just eating at home. You can take to cooking at home and can even start a vegetable garden. Thus, you pay attention to the type and quality of diet you have on a daily basis. You can eat healthy and keep fit too by eating at home and thus save money a lot of money.

Use your very own cleaning supplies

Cleaning products constitute a regular and major part of household expenditures. They are usually toxic and hazardous too comprising of chemicals they are harmful for your skin. But you can go green by using your very own cleaning supplies comprising of simple ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda. Moreover, these cleaning ingredients are non toxic and are very low on cost. So make most of your cleaning supplies rather than buy costly cleaning products from the market. So go green and save money.

Avoid Dryers

Dryers are a major source of energy consumption in the households. As a matter of fact, dryers are the second biggest energy consumers in the households. Moreover, they go on to emit more than a ton of carbon dioxide per year. But you can certainly avoid using dryers by choosing to line dry your clothes. This way, you save on energy consumption and as well as your precious money too.

Rent and Borrow

There are certain items in our households like, for example, power tool, which we buy, but are not used too often. As a good alternative, you can opt for borrowing such items or can even take them on rent. Thus reusing such items we can save the resources which go to create such products. You save energy, raw materials, wood, metals, and money too.

And that’s not all as there are even more tips to go green and save money. It is always worth to go for recycling your old electronic products, adopt paperless billing, using libraries instead of buying books and magazines, reuse of plastic bags, and avoid using bottled water. Even buying in bulk can save you a lot of money and on packaging material.

The above Tips to Save Money by Going Green are easy to follow in your day to day life. You can certainly apply them in your life to save the precious environmental resources and in the process reduce household expenses and save money too. All of your efforts in going green would result in saving you not few but thousands of dollars year on year.

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