Save Water and Save Money

Water is life. Water is precious. And it would not be an exaggeration to say that water is life’s most essential resource. In spite of the fact that nearly seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water, we are facing the problem of water shortage. An ironical, but true scenario.

Moreover, environmental changes, global warming, and increasingly high and irresponsible usage of water, has led to an acute shortage of this most precious and essential resource. Today, one of the biggest challenges to humanity comes in the form of water conservation. Saving water thus should be one of the top most priorities of our lives.

However, though the situation looks quite gloomy there’s still hope. And this hope pin’s on each and every individual. If and only if we can play our part and contribute our bit in saving water, we can get out of this worse situation.

The funniest part of this situation is that we can easily solve this problem. There is no great effort involved in saving water. We just require amending our life style and become a little bit conscious that we have to save water. The rest will automatically follow. Moreover in the course of saving water, you also get an opportunity to save money.

Save Water Save money

You can reduce your monthly expenses by saving water. If you are struggling to save money, let water be a saviour for you. If you are looking out for ways to save money then saving water can provide you all important means of making this a reality. Slash your water bill and see your savings grow month on month. A check on the wastage of water can actually help you save a lot of money.

You would agree with me that, in your daily usage of water, we tend to waste quite a few litres of water regularly. Whether it is related to taking a bath, brushing your teeth, washing your clothes, cleaning utensils, doing your car wash, watering your garden or any other task involving water. One really wastes a lot of water. If you add this up, it will total to a large figure.

With every drop of water being wasted, you are actually also wasting your money. Just imagine that water is not just not water alone but also money and you will sooner or later realise that you should begin saving water (so as to reduce your expenses and save money). So every drop of water counts and saving water can actually lead you to become wealthy.

Though there can be numerous ways by which you can save water and reduce your monthly expenses, here we illustrate to you some of the ways by which you can easily begin saving water. So remember to turn off your tap when brushing your teeth. You can save six litres of water per minute if you close your tap while brushing your teeth.

Then you can reduce the time of taking a shower. If you can reduce the time by say five minutes, you end up saving fifty litres of water, that’s ten litres of water per minute. Then only flush your toilet when you require doing so and not often as each flush consumes seven litres of water. Also don’t mind skipping your car wash. That can save a lot of water. Using plants in your garden that require less water, can be a fine idea.

Efficient use of washing machine can also save a lot of water. Fully loaded washing machine uses less water than two half-loads. Then always fix up the leaking taps. Leaking taps can be a nuisance for you and can waste as much as sixty litres of water per week. Then go for using a water butt to collect rain water and use it on your plants and cleaning the lawn, etc.

Also, you can amend the way you clean your dishes and vegetables. Don’t keep the tap running while cleaning your utensils or vegetables. That will save water and hence money. You should also use a water meter. This will enable you to keep a watch on how much water is being used each month and thus help in the efficient use of water.

So, you can see that you can play an important part in saving water. With your little efforts on a day to day basis, you can actually save hundreds of litres of water each month. Not only you save water but also another very important resource for yourself. Yes, saving water you also save money. Thus by saving water, you are not only safeguarding the environment and earth’s most essential and precious resource, you are also treading on the path of financial prosperity and well being by saving money.

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