Saving Money on Buying Books

The Wise have said, “Books are Your Friends for Life” and those who hold knowledge dear to them know this for sure.

You might love reading books or not, this is another issue, but you just cannot deny the fact that books are storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

With books, you get to know arts, science, commerce, mathematics, literature and various other fields of knowledge. In fact, books help to build you what you want to become in life.

Books are the best thing that you can give to your mind.

They actually expand your horizon. They shape your belief with facts and enrich you overwhelmingly. Books encourage you to stead the path of the unknown and instill in you the never ending thirst for knowledge.

Your creativity takes new dimensions with books. You discover new things, create, design, write, and know what you might even not have imagined ever. And who can overlook the role played by text-books in shaping up the career of students?

Actually, I can go on writing scores and scores of praises for books. Such is my love for books.

However, having said this, there is slightly bad news for you. In fact, you too would have experienced it yourself. Well I am referring to the ever increasing prices of books which are the most pinching factor for book lovers that are keeping them away from buying books.

Well, there has to be some way out so that books land in the hands of those who need them the most and that too in the most affordable way, so that purchasing books is never heavy on your purse.

Well if you want to hold a smile on your face while reading books then they got to come cheap for you.

So, it becomes important for you to know ways to save money on buying books.

Hereunder, I go onto make things easy for you when it comes to buy books cheaply and illustrate various ways in which you can be saving money on buying books.

Saving Money on Buying Books

So, let’s see how you can save money on buying books.


How To Save Money On Books?

Going with the eBooks or using The Kindle eReader

As you might have experienced yourself; buying the traditional print versions are usually too expensive for your purse and nine out of ten times you feel the pinch of buying a physical book.

Well, a simple solution exists for you in the form of eBooks.

Usually eBooks are priced much less than their counterpart that is physical books, and this is good news for sure for all book lovers.

Buying eBooks instead of their traditional versions you end up saving lots of your money.

Let me illustrate this with an example so that you can appreciate and understand this point easily.

If you compare the average selling price of e-books with that of the paper version, you will come to know that going with e-books is a cheap option for you.

For instance, the average selling price of an e-book is $12.17 as against $17.80 which is the average selling price of a physical book (the price listed above is for non-fiction list on

Likewise, when you buy Kindle e-reader, you do a lot of favors to your wallet. It just costs $139, and if you are a heavy reader, you end up recovering this amount soon when you go onto buy e-books listed on Kindle or otherwise.

Compare Book Price on Different Stores

Well, it may be a tough ask for you, checking out different stores so as to get the best prices for the books you want to buy but the end result is in your favor when you happen to grab the best pricing on books. In this context checking online for websites of different stores is a good idea. When you compare book price on different stores you invariably end up getting the best available prices on your preferred books. Online purchasing is a good option as you don’t have to pay for overhead costs as websites do not incur such costs. Then you can check out charity stores where you can find books at cheap rates. Some Universities also sell books at reduced rates. It is rewarding to save few bucks when you go for shopping for books.

Checkout Library

Libraries house extensive collection of books, usually rare and expensive ones too. So instead of buying expensive books, you can always checkout library to access them. Usually libraries charge minimal registration fees and that’s it. There are no other costs attached for referring books. Libraries specially are useful when you to have to read a book once or use it for referencing purpose. Then there is no point for purchasing such books when you can easily refer them from the library. So don’t forget to checkout your nearest library for getting your reference and expensive books. This will help you save loads of money which you would have spent in procuring books.

Borrow Books

Well, instead of buying every other book you need, you should consider borrowing it from your friends. Borrowing or sharing books with your friends can help you save tons of your precious money. Not only borrowing saves you money but it also provides an opportunity of discovering many useful books which otherwise you would not have the chance to read or explore. And all this happens without spending a single penny.

Checkout Printed Book Prices

It may sound a little strange to you, but it is true that sometimes printed book prices are less than e-books. So, before buying your favorite title, you should definitely checkout printed book prices. It may happen that the price is even less than its counterpart that is an e-book. So you should never be in haste for purchasing books and should drill down the prices of printed books so as to procure the best deal for yourself.

Always Go Through Reviews before Buying Books

Lot of times it happens that you buy a book and finally discover that it is not solving the purpose for which you had purchased the book. So to avoid such disappointment and moreover for utilizing your money properly, you should always go through reviews before buying books. Reviews are generally available on Amazon and other book review websites. This way you can also eliminate some of the books from your reading list.

Consider Re-selling

Once you have made appropriate use of the book and have no plans of using it again you might well consider re-selling it. This way you can recover some of the money that you have spent in procuring the book. Plus: somebody else gets the book at a fairly low price. This is even good for the environment, and you get an easy way out for de-cluttering your room.

Consider Buying Used Textbooks

When you want to buy textbooks and don’t mind using used ones, it is always a good idea to buy used textbooks. This way you end up saving money on buying costly new textbooks. However before purchasing a used textbook, you should always check its quality so that you don’t end up procuring a torn one for yourself. Hitting the Google search will give you scores of used textbook retailers from whom you can purchase used a textbook of your choice.

Get Discounts When Buying New Books

When buying new books look for deals, offers or discounts. Sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble usually come up with great discounts and offers. This way you can save loads of your money on buying new books.

So we see that it is actually possible to save money on buying books. The above ways really help you in saving lots of your precious money on buying books. As you know that books are a valuable resource for any student, researcher, professional or a book lover, and you got to apply the above methods which will actually help you in saving money on buying books. However, the above illustrated techniques for saving money on buying books are not exhaustive in any way, and you can always come up with your own unique ways of saving money on buying books.

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