Money Saving Tips for Women

Do you find it hard to manage your monthly budget?

Struggle in meeting your expenses?

Have little or no savings at all?

Then probably it’s time you started managing your personal finances.

In this context, saving money becomes utmost important.

Saving money not only improves your personal financial situation but also paves the way for a happy and prosperous future, as well. Though at the outset, money saving may look a little bit scary and unpractical, but believe me money saving is 100 percent possible and achievable. Money saving requires well directed, focused and continuous efforts from your part. You just need to begin the journey.

As a woman, you too require saving money so that you can make your present and as well as future more secure, happy and prosperous.

Money Saving Tips for Women

Here, we have listed some very useful and practical money saving tips for women which can make your money saving habit absolutely easy.


Pay your bills on time

Usually you have many recurring expenses that you have to take cared each month. Examples may include electricity charges, insurance premiums, school fees of children, even college fees, credit card bills, etc. Develop your habit to pay your bills on time. This can save you money which you would pay otherwise as late fees, financial charges and as miscellaneous other charges.

Open up a Savings Account

Opening up a Saving Account can be one of the foremost steps you can take in order to save money. You can transfer your regular savings in your savings account which will help to grow your money. Having a saving account will encourage you to save more. It would be better off to have a saving account without a debit card. By this, you can avoid unnecessary withdrawals and also refrain from frequent withdrawals thus enabling you to save money.

Use Piggy Bank

Regular money saving habit can be easily developed by using Piggy Bank. For many women, regular money saving is a problem. If you too are facing the same problem, then Piggy Bank can be of great help to you. The idea that money saving is only good when you are able to save a lot of money is a myth. Even small, but regular saving can definitely build a big corpus of money for you.

Here, a Piggy Bank can enable you to save money on a regular basis. Begin with saving small amounts of money. Regularly put money in your Piggy Bank. Place your Piggy Bank in such a place from where you can see it easily. This would remind you of saving money. Even one dollar a day is good in the beginning. Gradually you will inculcate the habit of saving and realize that money saving is not only easy but rewarding too.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses in your budget

Preparing a budget and following it religiously is required if you really want to make your money saving effort a success. In this context, you need to plan your budget carefully and moreover try to eliminate unnecessary expenses in your budget. You can re-plan your Fun Money so as to reduce your expense on dining out, watching movies in a theater  buying expensive clothing and accessories, and other related stuff. Doing such little things you can end up saving a lot of money.

Use Discount and Coupon Codes

Shopping is fun but usually turns out to be a costly affair. Usually women love shopping and so usually tend to spend lots of dollars each month just on shopping. Well, you can drastically cut down your shopping expense by using discount and coupon codes. You have a great option online as there are plenty of such sites, which list down discount coupon codes for various categories of items. Use Discount and Coupon Code each time you shop and save big money. You can use your saved money when you shop next time.

Use Cash instead of Credit or Debit Card

Nowadays the use of Credit or Debit Card is on the rise. Well, they do offer certain advantages, but their biggest disadvantage is that you end up spending extra money, which otherwise could have been saved. This is because of your spontaneous buying habit. You overlook the amount you are spending while shopping and buy out expensive items, goods or accessories.

This however can be controlled when you use cash instead of credit or debit card. When you carry limited cash, you exactly know how much you can spend and so never exceed that limit. You never buy such items, which are beyond your shopping budget. You become more conscious and responsible while doing shopping and hence can save money each time you use cash instead of credit or debit card.

Set short term Saving Goals

Money saving requires continuous and dedicated efforts. However, you can surely encourage and motivate yourself to save more money by setting short term saving goals for yourself. Instead of having long term saving goals of say 10, 15, or 20 years, you can begin by having saving goals of six months or a year. This way you can keep track of how much you are saving or rather how much more you need to save in order to reach your target. You need to set achievable goals and begin saving for it. For example, you can plan to save for buying an iPad, or going out on a vacation with your family. This way you can motivate yourself to save money.

Adopt ‘Do it yourself’ Approach

There are plenty of day-to-day tasks on which you regularly spend money. However, you can save your money easily by adopting ‘Do it yourself’ Approach. For example, cooking food at home rather than buying it from a restaurant can save your money. Moreover, you also get the satisfaction of doing things on your own. Likewise, you can learn to repair appliances or rectify a leaking tap all by yourself. Following this approach really helps to save your precious money.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption Costs

Energy Consumption Costs constitutes a major portion of your monthly expenses. Moreover, it is a recurring expenditure which you have to meet each month. So reducing your energy consumption costs can result in saving money for you on a regular basis and that too with a little bit of efforts on your part. Some of the things which you can do easily include using energy efficient lighting bulbs and other sorts of energy efficient electric and electronic appliances. Regular servicing of your vehicle(s) and driving at optimum speed can reduce your gasoline consumption costs, as well. You can even switch to public mode of transport and thus save money.

Have a grocery list before you shop

Being a woman, you need to buy grocery items on a regular basis. Grocery expense is another vital expenditure source which you need to manage in order to save money. One of the easiest ways to control, manage and reduce grocery expense is to have a grocery list before you shop. Doing this, you exactly know what grocery items you need to purchase and so shop accordingly. This way you can curtail spontaneous buying spree and do not overspend by buying extra or unnecessary grocery items. You then follow your grocery budget and thus end up saving money.

Compare prices of items

While shopping or making purchases, you usually ignore or forget to compare prices of items. Well, here you need to remember that unit prices of items tend to vary depending upon their brand or company. The little difference in unit pricing actually sums up to a large value when you buy number of items. This particularly holds good for grocery items and other sorts of items as well. If you compare prices of items before doing the final purchase, you will end up saving lots of money.

Use Online Shopping

Online shopping offers another very profitable way for saving money. Nowadays, there are various online shopping stores which offer a wide range of items, goods and accessories right from jewelry to electronic gadgets. They run discount deals and other attractive offers through which you use to save money. With online shopping, you also save your travelling expense. The items are usually delivered free of shipping charges.

Plan your trips

Generally, shopping trips can result any time whenever you feel like, but if you want to save money then you should invariably plan your each and every trip. The trip can be for shopping, for watching movies, dining out, going out for a picnic or even to an exhibition. Planned trip can help you to save money so that you can enjoy many more such trips.

Set up Emergency Fund

Emergency situation can arise any time. In order to meet any sort of emergency situation, you need to build upon your Emergency Fund. Allocate a definite and reasonable proportion of your earnings to the Emergency Fund on a regular basis. It should be your main priority to set up Emergency Fund and manage it well. You can even open up a separate saving account for Emergency Fund and make sure to build up your saving in the Emergency Fund Saving Account. This way you can save money for any eventuality or financial crisis.

Go for Investing Money

Another, very important money saving or rather money growing tip is that you should go for investing money. You can begin with by choosing systematic investment plan. Initially you can begin investing with a small amount and then gradually increase your investment amount when you save more. This way you can invest regularly and maximize the returns on your invested sum.

Thus, you can see that you have more than one ways or in fact number of ways by which you can save money. The above list on money saving tips for women aptly shows you the effective and easy methods of saving money so that you can lead a happy and prosperous life.

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