Saving Money is not becoming a Miser

Let me start by asking you a very off-beat question. Have you ever fallen ill and visited a doctor for a medical advice? If yes, I am quite sure you had taken some medicines prescribed by the doctor. Having medicines to get well may not be welcomed by you at that point of time, but it is necessary to cure you from the illness. Once you recover from your illness you thank the doctor for prescribing the right medicines for you.

Same goes with Saving Money.

Initially you may feel difficulty in saving money and may not even appreciate the whole idea of Saving Money. But once you reap the benefits of saving you then realize the importance.

Saving Money

Yes, Saving Money is not becoming a Miser.

One thing is very clear and that is to lead a prosperous life to ought to save money. There are times when you require money to fulfill your dreams. Having a luxurious car, going on a vacation to your preferred tourist destination, buying a house, post-retirement living all requires money. They do not come for free. And for that you have to necessarily save money.

Let me illustrate this by taking an example. Suppose that Andrews has just retired from his service. During his working years he had never bothered to save thinking that it is only the misers who save money. He used to spend all of his earnings without saving a penny. He lived life according to his own terms without caring for saving money.

But now that he has retired he has no source of income and no savings to support his retired life.

Just imagine what his future life would look like. Would he able to maintain his life style or standard of living? Would he able to lead a happy and prosperous retired life?

Certainly not. It is quite obvious he would not be in a position to maintain his earlier standard of living.

All this has happened just because he had not saved money.

Had Andrews saved money he would be still leading a happy and fulfilled life with financial freedom and of course with lots of money.

So would you still consider Saving Money to be the task of Misers? Let this not happen to you. And once you start saving the very effort of saving would become interesting rather than a miser’s action. Moreover Saving money is not difficult at all and you don’t have to be a miser in order to save money.

Let me show you how.

You can begin to save on a daily basis. Let this amount be small. No problem. The focus here should be to inculcate the habit of saving money. Make a point to have a piggy bank and put whatever amount is left with you at the end of the day. And make it a point to save daily. This little amount will encourage you to save more.

You can then go for making your monthly budget where you list down the areas and amount you would spend and how much you can save. You can enjoy your life and still end up saving money. Little things would help you like reducing your restaurant bills, reducing your monthly grocery expenses, shopping with discounts and offers, avoiding bulk and expensive purchases, paying all your bills within the stipulated time period and likewise.

Doing all this you would not end up being a miser but as an intelligent person who endeavors for a bright and happy future. Thus Saving Money is not becoming a Miser but as a means of securing your future.

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