When You Should Change Your Job

Some decisions in your life have a mammoth effect.

Changing a job or career is one such big decision.

It has far reaching consequences both on a professional front as well as on the personal level too.

Your job is what makes your life run. Professional success determines the quality of life you are living or would be living in the future. Your dreams and aspirations depend on the kind of job you are doing or the type of career you have chosen for yourself.

As such, having a closer look at the job you are doing becomes important. You have to take a call whether to continue your present job or opt for changing your job.

In this context the important decision you have to make is When You Should Change Your Job?

Yes, this is really an important and big decision.

Having said that, changing a job is a consequence of many factors. It should never be taken without analysing the whole situation. First you should look for ways to remedy the situation at work. But even then if you are not successful, then obviously as a last resort you should go about changing your job.

Here under we list down the factors contributing to a job change. If you are facing the same situation, then definitely go for a job change otherwise try to rectify your situation at work.

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Change Your Job When You Are Getting Under Paid

Money does matter. The salary you are drawing has a bearing on the quality of life or standard of living you are maintaining. If you are getting underpaid, its time when you need to seriously look at other job options. See if you are able to meet your monthly expenses and end up saving money which you had targeted for the month. But if you are not able to do either of them, it’s time to change your job. Also getting underpaid can affect your motivation at work. You may feel disinterested in doing your job. All this affects your output at work. So to avoid getting trapped in such a situation, it’s better to change the job you are in.

When there is no Growth Opportunity For You

Getting Growth opportunities at your work is utterly necessary to move up in your Career. When there is no such growth opportunity, you feel stagnated. Your learning curve is affected. Sometimes there may be growth opportunity but it is as good as nothing. For example, to move up a level from your present designation there exists only one position and there are hundred runners for it. So it practically becomes unrealistic and too competitive. If such a situation exists with you then it is always better to change your job instead to continue working in your present job.

When You are not getting due Recognition at Work

Not getting due recognition at work can be a frustrating situation for any employee. You may be putting your heart out at work but if your efforts are not being recognized, it becomes utterly useless for you. The question is how long you can live with such a situation at work. Being Undervalued can be a demotivating factor. It becomes even worse when there is discrimination with you. In such a scenario you are the only victim. You end up loosing growth opportunity and the work environment gets worse. If such is the case with you, then you should definitely look for a job change.

When you are not provided the Resources to do the Job

It may happen that though you have the expertise and the know-how and want to deliver your best for the company still the work environment is such that it does not support you to put your best foot forward. You simply are not provided with the resources you want to deliver the best. You even ask for these resources but ultimately they are ignored. They can be equipments, tools, support of the seniors, coordination, information or any other kind of resources. Being devoid of these necessary resources means low productivity at work which means an effect on your growth chances as well. If such is the situation prevailing for a long time, then it would be better to change your job.

When the job is no longer the Right Fit for You

Things change and not always for the better. A job which was right for you may become not a right job for you. Many things may contribute to such a situation. The company may be re-structured, your department may be changed, your seniors quit their job, your work profile gets changed, you may be transferred to a new location, and things like this. All this hampers your workings in your present job. If you have no control on such situations then it is always better to change your job.

When You are looking for a Career Change altogether

Well when you are not satisfied with your present line of career, you can always think of changing the line of career for the better. There may be many reasons for changing a career such as better growth opportunities, higher salary, it may be your passion, and other reasons as well. So in such situations it is always better to quit your present job.

When You Can Get A Higher Salary

If you find that for the same job profile you are getting high salary in a different company and despite your best efforts who are not getting a pay hike then it is probably the right time to change your job. Having said that higher salary should not be the only reason to change a job.

When the Company Situation is getting worse

A company’s performance is dependent on various external and internal factors. It may happen that an economic slowdown can propel a company’s closure. It may also happen that the company in which you are employed may see a widespread change at the top management which may hamper its overall performance. All this may cause the company’s overall situation to get worse. It may result in employees leaving the organization. If the situation is not under control and there are no chances of getting to the normal conditions then it is always better to change your job. This decision is only advised when you find that the company would not be able to recover from its worst phase.

So we see that changing a job is not an easy decision and has far reaching consequences. Thus it is always better to know When You Should Change Your Job. The above discussion aptly describes the factors when you should go for changing your present job.

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