Budgeting Doesn’t Have To Be All Work and No Play

It’s always difficult to justify spending money on non-necessities when you’re on a budget, but sometimes if you’re too frugal in all regards, then life really isn’t much fun.

One way that you can always get plenty of entertainment for a low price is by playing online bingo. There’s not only the possibility that a very small stake could win you a life-changing amount of money, but even if you don’t win when you’re playing bingo, you’ll get the value from the fun of playing anyway.

Bingo has always been a great value game. The cards in the physical game never cost very much and that’s continued to be the case with online bingo. For just a few pennies you can join in games that have amazing jackpots attached to them. In fact there are also a lot of free to enter bingo games too. Many of the bingo sites have free games included in the regular games’ schedule, so you can always join in those games as a reward for being a player on the site. Many online casinos do offer these opportunities. For example, once you’ve made a deposit into your account, you can play free bingo at Costa Bingo whenever you see a game you like the look of. There are free games which feature jackpots of up to £50 a time and there’s a weekly free game called Costa Crazy where you can play for a guaranteed jackpot of £10,000!

Budgeting Doesn’t Have To Be All Work and No Play
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As bingo games are so cheap to play, even the smallest deposit on a bingo site can go a long way – providing hours of entertainment. Most sites will match or double the initial deposit a new player puts into their account, meaning that their playing fund will stretch even further. At Costa Bingo, you get a 200% welcome bonus, meaning you treble your money before you’ve even started playing. And for every subsequent deposit you make, you’ll receive an extra 50% bonus on that.

If you can find a bingo site that you enjoy playing on and there are great deals on free credit when you put in a deposit, then you don’t need to spend much at all to fund a bingo hobby. Think of how much you’d save by not going out for an evening at a bar or restaurant and spending the evening playing bingo at home instead. It’s a different kind of entertainment, but online bingo can be just as social as going out when you get into conversation with other players in the bingo chat rooms. And as well as finding other people to spend time with online while you’re playing bingo, you may also end up winning one of the chat games taking place in the chat room. These are mini games that can win you extra bingo tickets or even cash prizes – and they’re free to play.

You never know, if you’re lucky with your bingo or chat games you might end up in profit on the evening and all the entertainment you get will have cost you nothing!

Guest Post by Emma Carey

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