10 Best Part-Time Jobs in U.S.A.

Part-Time Jobs are an in-thing for the Americans.

If you find yourself choked-up and struggle your way to meet your expenses of a month, then part-time jobs can be the best way to earn the much required extra bucks. Although a full-time job is always desirable, however, getting a part-time can surely fill the gap between your earnings and expenditure. If you find yourself underemployed and are desperate to increase your monthly earnings, the best thing would be to take a part-time job.

That’s the reason why part-time job seekers are on the rise in America.

So until you get your dream job there is no point in waiting for it.

Just take up a part-time job and start making a healthy living.

Part-Time jobs offer you some distinct benefits. They offer flexibility so that you get time to fulfill your other pursuits and come with a healthy pay-package making it possible for you to cover your monthly expenses. Well, there might be different reasons, which propel you to take a particular part-time job; however, you definitely look for personal satisfaction and of course good earning potential, as well.

In a Part-time Job, you need to work for less than 34 hours per week. There are many such part-time jobs which give you an opportunity of earning more than $25 an hour. For starters, it may turn out a challenging scenario to find a suitable part-time job which gives them the opportunity of earning good amount of money.

So to help you out in your search for best part-time jobs, we have come up with an excellent compilation which lists down 10 Best Part-Time Jobs in U.S.A. You can go through this compilation so as to find a suitable and high-paying part-time job for yourself.
School Bus Driver

Well, as a school bus driver you are required to transport children to and from school and other related events. The work usually starts early in the morning depending upon the school timing and the length of the route. In the Afternoon, you are required to bring children back to their homes. You need to be an excellent bus driver and should possess commercial driving license.

10 Best Part-Time Jobs in U.S.A.
Additionally, you need to meet hearing and vision requirements too. Unruly children, heavy traffic, and weather conditions are the main challenges awaiting your way as a school bus driver. However, you do get two to three months break when children go on their summer vacation, and so get an opportunity to pursue other traits, as well. Usually, the hourly remuneration of a school bus driver ranges anywhere from $10 to $30.


Being a tutor is a viable option for you as a part-time job. There is a huge demand for tutors in America and you can very well fulfill the requirement by taking a part-time job of a tutor. As a tutor, you have to work as a personalized teacher and typically have to teach the students on a one-to-one basis. You have to help, guide and mentor students to overcome the difficulty in their subjects. You need to be expertise in one or subjects along with certification or associate degree. Besides this, you need to be punctual, patient, and organized, and must also possess a willingness to listen. By working as a tutor, you can expect to earn from $12 per hour to $27 per hour.

Flight Attendant

Working as a Flight Attendant offers you another lucrative part-time job opportunity. Flight Attendant’s main job is to appraise and remind the passengers boarding an aircraft about safety rules and what they are allowed to do and what they are not during their flight. So, in principle their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of passengers. The hourly pay scale is on the higher side for a part-time job and may range anywhere from $25 to $35. For working as a flight Attendant, you at least require to hold a college degree. An extrovert personality and professional experience would serve as an extra advantage for landing you the job.

Makeup Artist

A fabulous part-time job opportunity awaits you in the form of Makeup Artist. So, if you have the flair, knowledge, skills, training and cosmetology certification, you can surely become a successful Makeup Artist. As a makeup artist, you are required to enhance the appearance of artists, performers and consumers by applying cosmetics. You can work in a wide variety of settings which includes theatres, boutiques, amusement parks, broadcast studios, and department stores.

Some of the major hubs for Makeup Artist include states such as New York, Texas, California, and Nevada. States like Ohio and Texas also have a large number of amusement parks and media markets. Formal training and a degree in cosmetology can immensely ease your work. Usually hourly wage for Makeup Artist ranges anywhere from $14.00 to $24.00. Usually, in a normal scenario you require to work for at least 20 hours per week as a Makeup Artist.


Being a Receptionist is another very popular form of part-time job. Receptionists are primarily responsible to greet and assist the guests who pay a visit to a business. They also undertake administrative tasks and also co-ordinate office work. Their duties vary depending on the business they are into. For example, receptionists in medical offices are responsible for handling patient records. The average salary that you can expect to get working part-time as a receptionist is about $11 / Hour.

Pilates or Yoga Instructor

Being a Pilates or Yoga Instructor is another high paying part-time job. It is one of the teaching professions which require you to teach your students physical exercises, movements and yogic postures. Apart from being a high paying part-time job, it also helps you to be fit and fine. It requires months and even years of training before you can become a professional practitioner. Getting a professional certification is an added advantage. Working as a Pilates Instructor or Yoga Instructor you can except to earn an hourly wage ranging from $20 to $40.

Physical Therapist

Being a Physical Therapist is another very lucrative form of part-time job in which you can earn nearly $40 per hour. You need to be professionally qualified to work as a Physical Therapist. Working as a Physical Therapist you help physically impaired patients to improve their range of motion.

Child Care Worker

Child Care Worker is rated as one of the best part-time jobs for Americans. As a Child Care Worker, you need to supervise young children. You can do this job either at your own home, at the child’s home or can even work for a child care centre looking after young children. Average salary that you can except to earn is about $8.48/hour.

Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

You can do a part-time job as a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor. For this, you need to fit and fine and be an expert in fitness exercises. As a Physical Trainer, you get to work in private gyms or fitness centers helping your clients in achieving desired physical fitness. You can condition them for an event, help them in building muscles or help them to lose extra kilos. You can expect to earn an average salary of $13.05/hour working as a Personal Trainer.

Sports Coach

You can work being a Sports Coach on a part-time basis. You can be a part of the schooling system and work there as a Sports Coach in a part-time job training young athletes. Prior experience, know-how, and the level of expertise are instrumental in getting high pay. Working as a Sports Coach on a part time basis you can expect to earn an average yearly salary of $28,400.

So you see there are lots of possibilities as far as part time jobs are concerned. Moreover, the above list of part-time jobs is definitely not exhaustive in any way. There are also lots of other part-time job opportunities available for you.

Well, you can certainly augment your earnings by doing a part-time job. You just need to get a suitable part-time job matching your interests and skills. The compilation of 10 Best Part-Time Jobs in U.S.A. as listed above can certainly help you in finding a suitable part-time job giving you the opportunity to increase your earnings.

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