Saving ratio

10 Most Common Money Saving Mistakes

Most of us know that money saving is important. But that’s of no use when you don’t take the task at hand and start saving. You just cannot quench your thirst by seeing water you have to drink it. The same goes for saving money.

Money Managing Tips for Teenagers

Money Managing Tips for Teenagers

Although you may think that teenage is a tender age for money matters, but the truth is that it is the right age when one should start managing money. Personal financial management is a time dependent game. The sooner you start saving the better investments you will gain.

The Importance of Saving Money for Future

How to Build a College Fund

Parenting is a joy as well as responsibility. As a parent, you have to take care of every of your child’s needs. You have to make sure that your children achieve what they desire or aim in their life.

Saving ratio

Why People Fail to Save Money?

Although, Saving Money is immensely important and a key area of personal financial management, but it has been seen that many people do not understand this fact and fail to save money. They simply neglect saving money which is the basic criteria of making wealth and living a happy and prosperous life.

The Importance of Saving Money for Future

How Much Money I Should Save?

It’s good to know that you want to save money. It shows that you have realized the importance of saving money for building a financially secure and stable future. And now you are confronted with the most obvious question, and that is, “How Much Money I Should Save?”

Save Water Save money

Save Water and Save Money

Water is life. Water is precious. And it would not be an exaggeration to say that water is life’s most essential resource. In spite of the fact that nearly seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water, we are facing the problem of water shortage. An ironical, but true scenario.

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