How to Save Money for Your Wedding

Life is full of events.

One of the biggest and the most memorable event comes in your life in the form of your “Wedding”.

Everyone wants that his or her wedding should be the perfect and the best. You want your wedding to be one of the happiest days of your life. You want to make it a grand celebration so that you remember it for years to come.

However, there is one important fact linked to weddings, and that is weddings are one of the expensive affairs to organize. Today the average cost of organizing a wedding ceremony is about $26,800. It might happen that, in the spontaneity and spur of the moment, you end up spending huge amounts of money so much so that you end up in huge debt. It has been seen that many couples do not make any plans for their wedding expenditure. They do not set any saving goals nor do they prepare any budget for their wedding. In fact, they do not know how much they should be spending on their wedding.

Save Money for Your Wedding
This is the biggest reason why their wedding becomes an expensive and costly affair. They fail to keep the wedding expenditure within reasonable and manageable limits and run into debts.

Having said this, with a little bit of planning and saving strategy you can keep the cost of your wedding ceremony quite low and within manageable limits. For this, you have to start saving for your wedding much ahead of your wedding date. Here under we have listed down how you can save money for your wedding and be prepared for the big day and have also listed different ways to reduce the costs on your wedding. You can make your Honeymoon last longer by starting saving for your wedding much ahead of the scheduled event date.

Calculate the wedding cost

First you have to figure out the amount of money you would require for your wedding. You have to come out with a wedding budget. You have to list down explicitly how much money you can afford to spend on your wedding. This invariably depends upon the type of wedding you want to organize. So you can plan to organize a no frills ceremony or can have a grand and gala wedding ceremony depending upon your affordability.

Before deciding on the wedding cost, you can even research on the internet or can consult your friends about their wedding costs. Typically, the cost of wedding depends upon a number of factors. It depends upon the number of guests you want to invite. Then it depends upon Ceremony Venue. Other factors include bridal party dress, costs on makeup, expense on food and drinks, photography and videography, wedding cake, flowers and expense on music and many more. One you have listed down the factors, decide on the amount of money you want to spend on these individual items, so as to arrive on the total cost. Then you can start making efforts to save money for your wedding and arrive at a saving plan.

Take note of your present savings

After figuring out the total cost of expenditure that you would be making on your wedding, it’s important to figure out how much savings you already have that you can use in your wedding. So add up all your savings that you have. You can also add in it, any money that you can arrange from your parents or relatives. Once you determine the cost of your wedding and arrive at the total of your savings, you can easily figure out the amount of money you need to save for your wedding.

Have a running start

This is about starting to save for your wedding as early as possible. So instead of starting one year ahead of time, you can begin saving for your wedding two years ahead of your wedding date. This way you can save twice the amount that you would have saved starting one year ahead of your wedding. Once you have accumulated enough money, you can invest that money in the short term CD so that you can earn more interest on your saving.

Have a Savings Bank Account for Your Wedding

Opening a dedicated savings bank account specifically to save money for your wedding helps a lot in your savings effort for your wedding. You exactly know how much you are saving for your wedding. If in case you are lagging behind the saving targets set for your wedding, you can then increase the amount of your savings in your Savings Account. To make your savings effort easy, you can make arrangements for automatic transfer of money from your checking account to your savings bank wedding account. You have to be disciplined enough so as not to use money kept in your wedding savings account.

Sell off old and Unused Stuff

There’s one easy way to save or rather arrange cash for your wedding. Usually it happens that they are old and unused stuff lying in your homes, which, however, are in a good condition. Well, you can sell these things and can collect a good amount of cash against it. You can sell your old furniture, computer and other big items that you don’t require. You can even sell accessories, clothes, and shoes (that you do not wear) at a consignment shop. The list can go on and on.

Use off-peak times to schedule your Wedding

This is a good method of reducing costs for your wedding. Scheduling your wedding in off-peak time gives you more negotiating power as there is less competition for dates. You can easily end up saving 20 to 30 percent towards your wedding cost if you plan your wedding in off peak times.

Choose a non-traditional Venue for your Wedding

Venue is one of the most prominent factors of cost in a wedding. So if you have a dedicated wedding reception hall instead civic garden, it would cost you hundreds of dollars more in expenditure of your wedding. That’s why choosing an off-beat location for your wedding can drastically cut down your wedding expenditure.

Choosing Your Wedding Dress

As for your Wedding Dress you might well consider shopping through sample sales. Borrowing or renting a dress is also a good option for saving hundreds of dollars.

Others Ways of Reducing Costs

There are plenty of other ways in which you can reduce your wedding costs. Well, you can go for a daytime reception. Serving Lunch is always cheaper than serving dinner. Then you can go for making invitations by yourself. Instead of professional photographers, you can ask your friends to take photographs. Then you can make your own wedding cake. All these measures help to reduce costs on your wedding.

So you see that Wedding need not necessary mean an expensive affair. Rather you can manage the expenses of your wedding and can keep them within reasonable limits. For this, you need to start saving as early as possible and should follow different methods for reducing costs. After all, you want that your wedding ceremony should leave happy memories and not huge debts.

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