Spend Money Wisely

How to Keep Track of Your Spending

As you cannot live without oxygen likewise you cannot live without spending money. It is one of the hard facts of life. Spending Money is an integral and necessary part of our life. You cannot just stay away from it.

How to Earn Extra Money?

Frugal Finance Tips

The recession is starting to bite and we are all feeling the pinch. Household bills are rising, inflation is refusing to fall, and many of us are starting to tighten our belts. It makes sense to get your finances in order by saving – and even making – as much cash as you can.

Why You Should Invest In Mutual Fund

Top 12 Ways for Decorating Your Garden on Budget

People looking for credit card debt relief usually have a hard time continuing with their hobbies. Sacrifices have to be made for clearing the withstanding dues but this doesn’t necessarily mean that one should give up on their most exceptional activities. Hobbies that make them happy and reduce stress are a difficult thing to forget.

Can you afford it

Can You Afford It?

Can you afford it..?? This is a very weird and absurd question. But in today’s inflation oriented economy it is very important. Many people buy those things which they can’t even afford to buy. They arrange for funds by taking a loan from bank, credit cards and advances from their offices and many other ways …

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