Kids and Money

How to Deal with Kids and Money?

Parenting is a blessing and responsibility. But sometimes it can become frustrating too. And particularly when you have to deal with the unending wants of your kids. Well, usually kids don’t understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. It has to be earned and managed.

January 15, 2013
Save Money by Going Green

Tips to Save Money by Going Green

You must surely have heard the famous proverb, “hitting two birds with a single stone”. And now is the time you apply this proverb to your life. Well, you can address two of the most vital concerns of modern life and that too at the same time.

January 11, 2013
Spend Money Wisely

How to Keep Track of Your Spending

As you cannot live without oxygen likewise you cannot live without spending money. It is one of the hard facts of life. Spending Money is an integral and necessary part of our life. You cannot just stay away from it.

November 30, 2012
How to Earn Extra Money?

Frugal Finance Tips

The recession is starting to bite and we are all feeling the pinch. Household bills are rising, inflation is refusing to fall, and many of us are starting to tighten our belts. It makes sense to get your finances in order by saving – and even making – as much cash as you can.

November 23, 2012
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