8 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts

Here, we have shared with you 8 Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts.

In recent years, the number of individuals obtaining Bitcoin Mining Contracts has multiplied many times. More and more persons are searching for the least expensive and trusted Bitcoin Mining Contracts.

However, you need to be extremely watchful while purchasing a cloud digging contract for Bitcoin or some other Cryptocurrency. You should not put your trust in any arbitrary web specialist co-op without knowing the same.

Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts

In fact, there have been a substantial number of fake plans identified with Bitcoin mining. Moreover, profound concerns have been raised with respect to the cloud mining administrations.

Here, we endeavor to reduce your inconveniences by featuring the best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contracts.

The Bitcoin Mining Contracts are generally sold for bitcoins on a per-hash basis for a particular period of time.

There are many factors that go on to impact Bitcoin Mining Contract profitability. The primary factor is the Bitcoin price.

For instance, Pay per GHash/s is 0.0012 BTC / GHs for a 24-month contract. Moreover, Contracts can vary from hourly to multiple years.


What is a Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract?

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract is an agreement with a cloud mining company wherein you pay them some money, and they offer you some computing power for mining coins, which belong to you.

Herein, you pay for the output of mining power from hardware that is placed in remote data centers. A certain amount is paid upfront to a server company for mining Bitcoins.

So, the user need not invest in Bitcoin Mining Hardware and pay for the electricity. Plus, the data center need not rely fully on the price of Bitcoin.

What should you look at while choosing a cloud mining contract?

  • Reputation

Firstly, you need to ascertain the reputation of a cloud mining contract. So, make sure that the operations are being done without any hassle. You need to figure out that the company does not exploit the “Bitcoin Boom” and is not essentially ripping you off.

You should read reviews from different sources so that you can make an informed and educated decision. However, we try to help you out by listing the best Bitcoin mining contracts so that you need not carry out extensive research yourself.

  • Price

You need to figure out the price of operations. Most companies tell you that you’ll “break-even” by a certain month. You can pick out the machine that you would like to rent. You can put as much money as you want. The minimum amount is $10 to $20 per month.

The Advantages

  • There is no need to man your servers. For the right price, that someone else’s problem. However, you need to pay the maintenance and service fees associated with this practice.
  • There’s no need for upkeep, electricity costs, software installations, or expensive hardware
  • You can quit at any time in case Bitcoin mining becomes unprofitable
  • No need to wait to start Bitcoin mining
  • No ventilation problems with hot equipment
  • No out-of-stock equipment to wait on for being re-stocked

The Disadvantages

  • It is hard to find a trustable provider
  • You are tied with the decisions of the provider.
  • You cannot upgrade the gear yourself
  • Lower profits long-term
  • You need to depend on a cloud mining provider that can close down anytime due to low price on Bitcoin

Irrespective of these disadvantages, Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contracts is the best choice for most people that aren’t much tech-savvy or have money to put down for buying expensive hardware.

Currently, Cloud Mining is profitable. The current mining hardware allows it to be profitable after a certain amount of time. 12 to 16 months is usually the standard. It also depends on the price of Bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin rises, so does your total revenue. Moreover, the more money you invest, the more money you will get back.

Most of the cloud mining companies go on to accept Bitcoin, PayPal, as well as Credit Cards. However, you must know that Bitcoin payments cannot be reversed. There’s no way to get your coins back.

Unfortunately, there have been many scams in the Bitcoin cloud mining industry. Nowadays, it is very simple to set up a website and claim that the users will get X, Y, or Z. However, in reality, they might not be having any facility or hardware whatsoever.

Now, we move on and explore the best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contracts / Hashing services out there:

8 Top Bitcoin Mining Contracts

1. Eobot Mining Contracts

Eobot is recognized as one of the best cloud mining solutions out there. It allows you to purchase fractions of a cloud instance. You can pay with PayPal or by using Cryptocurrencies to mine a wide variety of cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Golem, Ethereum, and Dash, to name a few.

For each cloud instance that runs SHA-256 you own, you can get 1.0 giga-hash per second. It is the preferred one for Bitcoin because of its difficulty level. The Cloud Scrypt can get you 1.0 mega-hash per second, which proves suitable for Litecoin and other lower-difficulty coins.

As you can start small, it proves a great choice for a beginner that wants to start with Bitcoin mining. Moreover, it is easy to get started. You can start with as low as $10. You get mining updates every 60 seconds, which makes it easy for you to track your profits. Eobot also offers a free calculator on its website allowing calculating the earnings per cloud instance.

Eobot Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts

2. NiceHash

NiceHash is more of a marketplace rather than a company that’s into the selling of cloud mining. It allows you to meet sellers with mining capacity. You can even sell capacity and connect with buyers here. NiceHash allows you to cancel at any time without a cancellation fee. The rates are a bit cheaper here than the data centers that rent out space and maintenance service. However, NiceHash allows you to pay and get paid in Bitcoin as of now.

 NiceHash Bitcoin Mining Contracts

3. Bitcoin Pool Bitcoin Mining Contracts

Bitcoin Pool is the world’s highest paying mining pool. It allows you to mine Bitcoin easily on the cloud without the need to buy hardware or plug your own hardware.

They offer BTC and BCH mining. You can even choose to mine the most profitable coin automatically. You can even mine with its cloud mining contracts with 100% guaranteed uptime.

You can start mining with your own ASIC hardware to get benefitted from its high payouts. It has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%). They have a super responsive and reliable support team. They have the highest payouts across the industry.

So, you can mine Bitcoin in the cloud without having to buy any mining hardware. You simply have to choose the amount of computing power that you want to mine with its global data centers and leave the rest to them.

It’s a global pool network that allows you to maximize your profits and benefits from its monitoring features.

You can buy a cloud mining contract from them. There’s no need for any special hardware for doing cloud mining. Its pay a 110% block reward and charge 0% fees for PPS and PPLNS.

Bitcoin Pool Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts

4. Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is one of the best cloud mining providers out there. It offers an easy-to-use interface and an easy way for mining Bitcoins.

Genesis Mining has a lot of experience in this field, as it happens to be one of the oldest cloud mining providers out there.

They have been recognized as the largest cloud Bitcoin mining company. They can handle a lot of volumes doing it well.

Genesis Mining allows you to allocate the hash-power you own for different mining coins at the same time. So, you can use one instance for a variety of cryptocurrencies. It makes it extremely easy to accomplish and diversifies the risk of investment.

They have come up with different pricing packages based on the coins you want to mine and the amount of hash-power you want. However, they are a bit expensive than others in this field. That said, their support and experience make up for that.

Genesis Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts

5. Minergate

Minergate is not only known for cloud mining, but it also offers mining software allowing you to easily mine cryptocurrencies using your computer. With Minergate, you get all the included costs and potential profit calculations. It offers a clean UI and over 20000+ happy users.

So, Minergate happens to be a great choice for a beginner. It allows you to set the amount that you want to invest per day, thereby helping you to enter the world of crypto mining. With Minergate, you can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero.

Minergate Bitcoin Mining Contracts

6. Hashflare Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Hashflare is operating since 2014. It’s a renowned cloud mining provider out there. They have come up with a customizable pool mining solution. So, you can choose which pools you want to mine to make the most money possible.

They have set up transparent fees and commissions, allowing you to keep track of how much you have actually made.

Hashflare, like other Bitcoin cloud mining providers, offers two types of mining: Scrypt and SHA-256. They have also come up with specific packages for all those who are interested in mining Ethereum, Zcash, and Dash. Its pricing is easy to understand and is delivered at a competitive rate.

Your first payout comes to you within 24 hours. So, you can quickly see your investment paying off, slowly but surely.

Hashflare Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts

7. Hashing24

Hashing24 is operating since 2012 and has served thousands of satisfied customers. It’s a well-renowned and well-established cloud mining company out there. They go on to use modern ASICs from Bitfury, thereby making sure that they have the most efficient and powerful hardware as possible. They assure a 100% uptime guarantee. So, you don’t need to face any downtime or errors with them.

Hashing24 has its data centers in Georgia and Iceland. They give you calculations of the expected ROI time-frame by showing all the numbers beforehand. So, Hashing24 comes as a highly recommended service. They keep their users informed of all the included fees. Moreover, they offer all the good things that you expect with a cloud mining company.

Hashing24 Bitcoin Mining Contracts

8. Hashnest

Hashnest offers excellent cloud mining contracts. It is being operated by Bitmain, the ones that are behind the Antminer line. Presently, Hashnest has over 600 Antminer S7s to rent out. As they are owned by Bitmain, they can easily re-stock in case they happen to run out of stock.

Hashnest has come out with a special contract called PACMiC V5. PACMiC means “Payback Accelerated Cloud Mining Contract.” So, it aims to cut down on the payback time-frame a lot. With PACMiC, you can see a return on investment more quickly than other traditional cloud mining contracts.

Hashnest Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts

Note: We recommend everyone interested in Bitcoin cloud mining to stay away from those cloud hashing companies that offer free trials. Any company that offers free trials are most certainly wants to scam you.

With this, we have featured all the 8 Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Contracts. I hope this post helped you in choosing the best Bitcoin Cloud Hashing Services. Thanks for visiting.

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