Where Do You Invest Your Money?

Wealth Creation is probably one of the prime goals of your life. Though money is not the sole thing you desire in life, but certainly it is one of the most vital factors that shape up and build your life for a happy and prosperous living. And if you consider money an important thing you invariably look to invest your money in proper channels where you can get good returns and grow your money in a fast and secure way.

Then, primarily you need to know where you should be investing your money.

And I am quite sure that if you love to grow your money then you would also be investing your money in one or more ways. The main criterion of investing money has always been good returns together with safety and security.

So, Where Do You Invest Your Money?

The purpose of asking you this question is nothing but to show that, in fact you have a wide gamut of investment opportunities where you can invest and grow your money.

Where Do You Invest Your Money?

Here, we list down various investment options which you can consider for investing your money.

Equities: Investment in Equities or Stocks can be a great investment option for a long term perspective. They have probability of yielding high returns but also have high risks due to volatile market conditions. Preferably you should invest in Equities for a long term of ten years or more. You can start investing in Equities with a small amount of money and gradually increase your portfolio.

Commodities: Investment in commodities is another source of high yielding investment. You can invest in commodities such as Gold, Silver, copper, etc. You can diversify your commodities investment to cover up risk of investment and should only invest a portion of your total invested money (for example upto 25%) in commodities.

Real Estate: Investment in Real Estate is probably a much safer investment option. You should invest in Real Estate with a long term perspective. Then another thing about investment in Real Estate is the fact that it usually requires a large sum of money. So it is not a viable option to consider in your early days of investment.

Mutual Fund: Well, most of the time it happens that you are not able to manage your investments. In such a case, Mutual Fund turns out to be a good investment option as your investments are managed by professional fund manager(s). So Mutual Funds have a low risk of investment and provide good rate of return as they tend to diversify your investments by investing in various stocks.

There are several types of Mutual Fund you can choose from such as open-ended mutual funds, close-ended mutual funds, ETFs, balanced mutual funds, convertible mutual funds, systematic investment plans and many other types as well.

Bonds: Bonds present debt related investment option. They are usually safe and offer fixed rate of return to the investor. Basically by investing in bonds, you lend money to an entity such as government or corporate which borrows the money at a fixed rate of interest for a definite period of time. There are various types of bonds you can invest in such as corporate bonds, treasury bonds, government bonds, etc. Investment period in bond can range anywhere between 90 days to 30 years.

Certificate of Deposits: Also known as Fixed Deposits, Certificate of Deposits present one of the safest kinds of an investment option to you. So if, you’re main purpose is to keep your money safe and satisfied with low but fixed rate of returns then you can opt for a Certificate of Deposits. You can make Certificate of Deposits with a bank. You can choose a different time periods which can be low as six months and can go upto a period of five years or even more.

Saving Account: Having a Savings Account in a bank gives you the freedom to invest your money whenever you have spare money. You simply have to deposit or transfer your funds in your Savings Account in order to save or invest money. Savings Account offers very low rate of interest, but is one of the most safest ways of investing money. So if, you do not have a large sum of money to invest, have irregular savings and do not desire a high rate of return then savings account can be really beneficial for you as an investment option.

So you see there are plenty of investment options available with you. The above list of investment options is not exhaustive in any way as you can have many more investment options, as well. You can use a mix of various investment options to invest your money depending upon the level of risk you are willing to take. The answer to Where Do You Invest Your Money? Is utmost important to ascertain the level of returns you would derive from your investments.

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